On Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings are a fairly new thing that have divided a number of people. If you haven’t seen them on the net already, they’re basically a conversational version of the warning before a TV show advising of sex, violence and all the good stuff. Trigger warnings are a way of saying “I have something to […]

In Defense of the Makeout Session

I haven’t had a decent makeout session in ages. I’m talking the proper makeout session; the sort you have as teenagers before you get the idea (or the courage) to bump your genitals together. Sloppy, lips on lips, tongues swishing against each other, clumsly fumbling, “if I touch her boob, will she notice, and if […]

On Being A Dick

There’s an internet axiom called Wheaton’s Law. It was coined by Wil Wheaton, best known for appearances in the film Stand By Me, as well as on Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory, among other films and TV shows. His eponymous law simply states: ‘Don’t be a dick’. It was originally designed for […]

On blogging about blogging (about blogging?)

For ages I’ve tried to be a blogger. I started off ok, much like a lot of people do, but then I trailed off quite badly. I’ve attempted to be an online content maker since my teens. One of the first, and most fondly remembered, hobbies I had after moving out on my own was […]

Prime-Ministerial Mansplaining

Trigger Warning: I’m going to discuss sexual assault and politics in this piece. I try not to post about politics too much, since there are other bloggers who are far better at it than I am. Also, I constantly find myself playing devil’s advocate to myself, and just confusing myself out of an opinion anytime […]

I Drank 500 Beers

Not in a sitting mind you (though by the look of my bank balance and the feeling of my head on Sunday morning, I think I came close on Saturday night). Also, I’ve had a lot more than 500 beers over my time, I mean, that’s probably the last couple months worth if you’re counting […]

On being comfortable with yourself

I’ve been single for a while. I’m not sure how long it is, because to put a timeframe on it would mean defining not-single. Is it a couple of dates with the same girl/guy? If so we could say it’s been about 9 months for me, though there wasn’t a break-up as much as a […]

On beginning photography

Recently I’ve taken up photography as a hobby. This came about because I decided I need a hobby that’s more involved than sitting around drinking, or playing video games, or watching tv, or mastur-… you get the idea. I’d been looking at ticking up (read: buying on finance) a mid-end DSLR and seeing if I […]

In Which I Discuss Free Speech

I’ve been thinking a bit about free speech, and how it is abused and criticised by those on the conservative and anti-social justice side of society. First, a bit of background on what got the gerbil inside my head running on its wheel. Rosetta Project scientist Doctor Matt Taylor was being interviewed about the spacecraft that […]