I Drank 500 Beers

Not in a sitting mind you (though by the look of my bank balance and the feeling of my head on Sunday morning, I think I came close on Saturday night). Also, I’ve had a lot more than 500 beers over my time, I mean, that’s probably the last couple months worth if you’re counting […]

Risotto like a bawss

A while ago one of my workmates was talking about what he was going to go home and cook for dinner, and he got all excited about having risotto. Since I consider myself to be somewhat adequate at cooking this awesome dish I asked him what he was going to put in it, and he […]

Aglio, olio, e fuckin’ peperoncino

I’ve been single a while. Alright, it’s been a real fuckin’ long time. And really, I’m comfortable with it, besides two things: A) My right arm is approaching Popeye proportions from overuse, and B) it is quite difficult to find decent, economical, tasty recipes and foodstuffs for one. Most of the time if you go […]

Swedish Fuckin’ Meatballs

I got really into reading the Millennium Trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo et al) a while ago, and during this time that I was marveling at how awesome Sweden seemed compared to, well, anywhere, I figured that eating Swedish Meatballs might be a Good Thing. And even though it’s probably not close to anything you might get in […]