Prime-Ministerial Mansplaining

Trigger Warning: I’m going to discuss sexual assault and politics in this piece. I try not to post about politics too much, since there are other bloggers who are far better at it than I am. Also, I constantly find myself playing devil’s advocate to myself, and just confusing myself out of an opinion anytime […]

Colin Craig needs better lawyers

Colin Craig decided to give his lawyers more money today. I don’t know if he has them on retainer, or if they’re hourly, but whatever, I expecting they’re making a mint from him. After The Civilian received legal notices accusing the satirical blog of defaming him, it seems he is getting a little trigger happy […]

An open letter to Judith Collins

A tweet of yours turned up on my twitter feed today, and having a day off work I actually caught it. This tweet is captured for posterity below: So anti-GSCB hackers have closed down Government MPs websites proving what they could do to people’s bank accounts. — Judith Collins (@JudithCollinsMP) July 29, 2013 I would […]

On Privilege and Discrimination

A few weeks ago there was a big thing here in New Zealand about a facebook page starting up. This page was called “The Pakeha Party” and after a few days it had racked up over 50,000 likes (because everyone knows that likes are totally a method of deciding the will of the people). For […]

Parliament under urgency

So, Gerry Brownlee put forward a motion to put Parliament into urgency today saying he had to force the move because there’s “very little time to actually progress legislation”. Not what I would state to be the best reason to bypass normal parliamentary procedure, but that’s pretty much par for the course for this Government. […]