Goddamn cats

About a month ago one of our neighbours came to the door asking if we’d seen their cat. He showed me a picture on his phone, a nice looking grey longhair, and I didn’t recognise it at all so of course I said no. I didn’t think about it again for a while until my […]

After a week off (in space)

I took a week off work, and my aim was to tinker with a couple projects. Mainly, write a couple of posts to get ahead a little, look at the design of this blog, and maybe even tinker with the design of my other site and put some real content on there. That didn’t happen. […]

This is the End, and rape jokes (spoilers).

I saw This is the End on the weekend, and found it mostly enjoyable. The actors all do great send ups of themselves, though according to IMDB they wrote each character in such a fashion that they’re playing complete opposites to their real personalities. I don’t know, all I saw was a bunch of people […]

Parliament under urgency

So, Gerry Brownlee put forward a motion to put Parliament into urgency today saying he had to force the move because there’s “very little time to actually progress legislation”. Not what I would state to be the best reason to bypass normal parliamentary procedure, but that’s pretty much par for the course for this Government. […]

State of the Richie

I’m trying to get myself into the swing of actually posting on a schedule. I’m trying for twice a week (Monday and Thursday?), with the occasional mini-post in between if something excites/pisses me off enough. I need a good post that’s finished for today, so I’m going to answer a question that I rarely actually […]

Xbox One Nerdrage

Since I’m trying to get back onto this whole writing thing, I think I might start on something that’s kinda annoyed me lately. The Xbox One and all the nerd rage involved in it. Sure, a lot of the public complaints are about privacy – something that would worry a lot of people, while not […]

I finally got my Pebble

Anyone who pays attention to Kickstarter or any kind of tech news would have heard of Pebble by now. It’s the project that went completely beyond what anyone could have expected. The makers originally looked for US$100,000 of pledges, with an aim to make 1000 watches; they ended up having to close it early after […]

Risotto like a bawss

A while ago one of my workmates was talking about what he was going to go home and cook for dinner, and he got all excited about having risotto. Since I consider myself to be somewhat adequate at cooking this awesome dish I asked him what he was going to put in it, and he […]

Some recently located writing

I just found this, and can’t remember writing it (which possibly shows how much I’ve drank over the years). Anyway, I thought I’d publish it somewhere for a laugh. Corey tosses me another cigarette and I tell him “I had a mate once. Eric. Awesome guy. Drank heaps, but never let it rule his life.” […]

Aglio, olio, e fuckin’ peperoncino

I’ve been single a while. Alright, it’s been a real fuckin’ long time. And really, I’m comfortable with it, besides two things: A) My right arm is approaching Popeye proportions from overuse, and B) it is quite difficult to find decent, economical, tasty recipes and foodstuffs for one. Most of the time if you go […]