On Disconnection

I was going to spend a good chunk of my Sunday off doing a bit of research for a piece that I figured was going to stretch out at least 2, maybe even three posts (since I give myself a loose thousand word limit on my posts), but right as I figured I’d better stop playing Deadpool (damn you Steam Sale) my flatmate told me that our phone wasn’t working.

The landline phone going wasn’t an issue for me, since it’s really only used for when parents need to call us. And I think I’ve almost got mine trained to text me.

What was an issue though, was that it cut off my ADSL connection.

Yeah, ok, first world problems, white whine and all, especially since I’m not completely cut off from the Interwebs, since I have a smartphone with a 3G connection, but still, my brain is wired in such a way that when the fixed line connection goes down everything stops. I don’t have IRC, which happens to be my replacement for being social half the time, I can’t fuck around on Facebook, I don’t have Spotify. I can’t research. My mobile plan gives me a measily 1GB a month, so if I used that as my main connection I’d likely run out within a day.

What do I do? Well, first I I figure I’d just play one of the many games I pick up in Steam Sales or in the Humble Bundles. No dice there. My steam login hasn’t been saved locally so I can’t touch those games. Then I try to set up my media library in WinAmp. I completely reinstalled my machine about two months back, and just never got around to setting up my music library, since everything streams for me anyway. Of course, something is fucking out in my WinAmp installation, so instead of just putting everything into it in one hit, it keeps crashing on me so I have to select maybe a dozen folders at a time, and reload when it freaks out. On 200GB of V0 MP3s, that takes a little bit of time.

And then, with nothing better to do, I clean my room. I’ve been putting off reorganising my bookshelf, dusting my TV cabinet, and picking up the massive pile of crap in the corner for months. So I do that. And make my bed. And vacuum. All while listening to the lusty tones of James Blake.

Shit, I got something done.

Maybe I should cut off the internet more often.

I wrote this Sunday evening, and expected the fault to be fixed this morning. Day two without internets and at at least I have a lot stored on my tivo.

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